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Delegator AI is a solution for the increased volumes of service requests across multiple and disjointed engagement/communication platforms. 

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Delegator AI will help the organisation by automatically assigning the task(tickets) to employees based on the Machine Learning Prediction Algorithm by considering factors like task priority, employee skills, ticket similarity , employee schedule, employee workload, etc. and will provide updates to the customers accordingly.

customer satisfaction

The customer support is hindered due to the lockdown situations, Work from Home situations, and manual assignment processes which may lead to customer dissatisfaction and frustration. The support team’s inability to resolve the issues quickly and effectively resolve them is resulting in the least customer satisfaction and frustration. It is also difficult to find the right employee with the skills who can resolve the issue. 

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employee efficiency

 It is also difficult to find the right employee with the skills who can resolve the issue. The problems faced by the businesses are low utilisation of employees skills, failed SLAs, poor visibility into performance, etc.

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innovation IN delegate

Delegator AI will enable the employees to receive notification regarding their tasks and will even transfer it to other based employees based on their unavailability. Delegator AI will also assist managers in calculating promotions by tracking their performance continuously.

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Ayaz Mujawar
Data Scientist

RMIT University

Harshal Shah
Data Scientist

The University of Melbourne

Yuyang Wang
Full-stack developer

The University of Melbourne

Chongzheng Zhao
Full-stack developer

The University of Melbourne

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